About Our Business  
Lamorinda Builders Inc.         Lic#864864
As the President of Lamorinda Builders Incorporated, I grew up in Orinda and went to high school
at Miramonte. After I graduated Miramonte, I went to Arizona State University where I received a
degree from the Department of Engineering Division of Construction.

In 1991 I started Parodi Construction, a small general contracting company specializing in
residential construction. As the years went by the company grew from doing small additions and
remodels, to larger projects. After a few years, we had completed a large number of projects,
and began building new homes.

It was in January of 2006 that I decided to Incorporate, and established Lamorinda Builders Inc.
The business has grown in the past few years, and as it grows we have completed larger and
more difficult projects. Between Parodi Construction and Lamorinda Builders Inc., I have over 16
years of experience in residential construction. As the President of Lamorinda Builders I am  
always trying to streamline production, in order to provide our customers the best quality product
at the most cost effective price.

The corporation is based in Lafayette, but we do projects all over the bay area. Since we
specialize in higher end residential remodels and homes, most of our work is located in the
Berkeley/Oakland hills, Lafayette, Moraga, Orinda, Danville, and Alamo. We also specialize in
difficult and tough access projects. We have completed several projects on very steep hillsides,
basement dig-outs, and physically moved houses to different locations on the property. We have
also completed several projects with very little to no equipment access.

Lamorinda Builders is a corporation that relies strictly on referrals to obtain new business. It is for
this reason that we bid on every single project. There is no such thing as a job too small. We
approach every job with the same professionalism, because every job has the same referral

As the President, I personally manage all my projects from start to finish, using only my own
highly experienced and trusted project managers, sub-contractors and crew. All of my project
managers exhibit excellent managerial and communication skills. It is having qualified people in
the correct positions that has helped grow the business where it is today. Using highly skilled
people allows us to complete projects in an efficient and timely fashion.

If you should require any additional information about Lamorinda Builders Inc., please feel free to
visit us at the "Contact Us" page. I look forward to hearing from you, and would appreciate the
opportunity to bid on your project,